Names for vintage violins

Submitted by: Julia South j4lee earthlink. Email Newsletter Monthly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, fiddle news and more. Eg, there's a fantastic Norwegian fiddle called the hardingfele or Hardanger Fiddle, with a flatter bridge and four or five extra strings under the bridge with a number of its own tunings. Just a bit you might want to add to your "fiddle vs. Bussage bei Stroud, about , d.

Different Types of Violin by Time Period

European violin makers

However during our journey I did come to the conclusion that projection was one of the key features we wanted in a violin. There's also at least 3 other distributors with shop label wholesaled Gliga products built to spec. Thanks for a fun site! Someone needs to take it places in a bluegrass band or so Others point out that correlation does not imply causation and say that these external similarities are either arbitrary or that they arose from causes other than a relationship to the viol family.

list of European violin makers, The European violin makers

Neither musician would be able to play the other's comfortably. I've been playing the fiddle for two years now, and I guess the reason I've always assumed it was a fiddle is an old timer who looked at my instrument said the bridge was shaped so that it can get a sound similiar to that of the pipes. The classical violin has a more slender neck, higher string tension, and is the benchmark or standard violin upon which others are assessed. The double bass is played standing or sitting on a stool, with a range that typically reaches a minor sixth , an octave or a ninth below the cello's. The name is August Kniezel instrumentmacher saiten in Vienna I probably misspelled and misplaced something there I'm not looking at the instrument.
The late Orville Burns told me the difference between a fiddle and a violin is "the nut at the end of the bow" that's always sounded right to me. My first instrument starting out was a Yuan Quin instrument which I still play in concerts and recitals. Doug D's post is a good one. One fellow raised his hand and said he knew the difference. As someone else pointed out, and research will support, the names started out the same, but were altered by passing into and through different languages. The violin shop I go to is knowledgeable about these changes but I have some questions about the lowering of the bridge.
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